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Custom Cabinet Design to Elevate Your Home

Redesigning your cabinet expectations to fit your vision, space, and budget without compromising on style or function.

Without speaking to the right people and being asked the right questions, home renovations can lead to a lot of regrets. You may not know certain upgrades were even a possibility, or maybe your contractor didn’t think to ask you about how you want to use your space. With Rodina, that isn’t a risk. We’re here to work with you and ensure that your cabinet upgrade not only works well with your space, but that it encapsulates your dream renovation!

Cabinets offer a world of possibilities, and we want to ensure that you know every option that is available to you. Whether that’s wood type and style, placement, storage options, soft close hinges, and more, with Rodina Cabinets, we elevate the world of custom cabinets by offering you out-of-the-box solutions that are unique to your home and space.

We offer custom cabinet designs for your kitchen renovation, and we have the ability to add bathroom and pantry cabinetry to your home project as well!

Why Should You Work With Rodina?

Designs Driven By You

With Rodina, you’ll work first hand with designers to ensure that your custom cabinets are centered around your vision and needs. We don’t believe in catalogues, instead we’ll get to know you and present a variety of style, hardware, material, and colour options to design a set of cabinets that suits you best. With Rodina, you’ll develop custom cabinets that not only work to fulfill your needs, but they will embody your sense of style and design.

Make the Most Of Your Space

If you’re renovating your kitchen, you likely want to upgrade more that just the style. With Rodina, our designers are experts in the trade and will ensure that we can make the most of your available space and improve not just the design, but also your cabinet’s functionality! We’ll work with you to ensure your cabinets maximize storage while still ensuring a sleek and beautiful design. From enhanced organization options to ergonomic designs, we have you covered!

Enjoyable Customer Experience

From the moment you walk through our door to the completion of a project, we want you to feel heard, supported, and have a fun time! Designing custom cabinets and upgrading your space is exciting, and we’re so happy to share the experience with you! Our promise is to offer unparalleled service from when you’re walking through our design centre to the production stage to installation. As we work to make your cabinet dreams come true, we’re here for you!

Our Design and Build Process

  • Consultation with our designers
  • Production of your custom cabinets
  • Installation in your home


Every project starts with an in-person consultation as we believe that experiencing a space can help us better understand your vision. Our team will listen carefully to your needs, storage capacity requirements, accessibility needs, and special requests. Measurements are taken on the first visit, which are then verified by another team member on a second visit to ensure everything is taken into consideration. 

Each home is uniquely built, so we keep an eye out for any awkward angles or walls, storage limitations, plumbing, and or any other problem areas with the space. We’ll provide suggestions that will optimize functionality without compromising on design!


Once we have toured your space and learned your specific needs, we’ll map out the design and present you with final drawings, intended materials and pricing. Once we have your approval and have signed an agreement,  we head into production! You custom cabinets will be built to your needs and specifications, ready for installation. The average kitchen takes between 6 – 14 weeks, and we are committed to keeping you in the loop at every step.


We will connect with you 1 – 2 weeks before your cabinets are ready to set a tentative installation date. Our built-in cabinets need to be assembled and expertly installed by our talented Installation Technicians before countertops and flooring. During the installation period, our team will efficiently install your cabinets with the greatest care. Depending on the size of the project, installation can take anywhere from two days to two weeks.


We offer a 2-year warranty program for each of our cabinet designs. You can learn more about our specific warranty offerings within your contract outline.

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