Did you know that humidity and your foundation settling are the two major factors that affect your cabinetry?

When moving into a newly built home, during the first few months and up to 2 years following your move-in you may experience slight settling of your home. These subtle shifts can present in cabinetry as misaligned doors and drawers or may cause some minor separation in small joints such as moulding, crown, fillers and toekicks.

Love having humidity in your home? Or maybe, you love it dry? Too much humidity and not enough humidity can affect a natural wood door causing it to “swell” or “shrink” resulting in hair-line cracks in your paint or stained finish. This can also cause panels, crowns and fillers to have the same affect. With renovations or building new, after the application of drywall your humidity levels can be considerably higher than normal – Proper ventilation will be reduce this.

Moving into your newly built home or even starting a renovation can be one of the most stressful experience. We want to help make that experience less stressful.

If you feel that you may have items needing service or repair, Please reach out to our Service and Installations Manager at service@rodinacabinets.com. Please allow for 2-3 business for a response.

Please note, Items that are purchased and installed outside of Rodina Cabinets are not the responsibility of Rodina Cabinets. Handle hardware, countertops, door hinges, drawer slides and other custom-ordered materials carry warranties and guarantees from their individual manufacturers and suppliers. If you encounter any problems with these items, please advise us and we will be happy to assist you accordingly.

Depending on the final product of your cabinets, your warranty will vary.
For a natural wood door, warranties are 2 years for defects in materials and workmanship. Due to the unpredictability of natural wood, Rodina Cabinets is not able to warranty or refinish natural wood doors with hair-line fractures due to shrinking or swelling of the natural wood.
MDF painted doors are covered under Rodina Cabinets 2 year defects in materials and workmanship. Please note, this does not include re-finishing of doors that have been chipped or worn down by daily use or strong cleaning chemicals. Fading in paints and stains is typical with cabinetry in a naturally lite room. 
Doors over 42″ in height without supportive mullions void all warranty.

Warranty or service work cannot be provided for orders that remain un-paid.

Periodically makes changes and update our product lines and specifications. If you require a repair or replacement for a product that is no longer available, we will do our best to match the style with a current, similar style. Rodina Cabinets cannot be held responsible for replacement products that do not exactly match the original product.

Transportation and/or freight charges as well as on-site labour costs for cabinets purchased as “Supply Only” are the responsibility of the owner. Rodina Cabinets is not held responsible for the replacement of damaged goods from delivery or installation unless delivered and installed by Rodina Cabinets. Replacement items will be at the cost of the purchaser.

Rodina Cabinets offers a 2 year warranty on cabinetry boxes from defects in materials and workmanship, except for normal wear and tear. Our warranty applies only to cabinets used in single-family, non-rental, non-commercial residences.