Did you know not all cabinetry companies are the same?
Each cabinetry company has different construction methods and standard. Below you will find the basic information about our cabinetry process and materials used.


Delivery of the cabinets will be the day before install or on the morning of installation as per the appointment scheduled. A reminder will be sent approximately 1 weeks before the scheduled delivery. The reminder will also include a copy of the pre-signed Site-Readiness Checklist to remind you how to be ready for us to arrive.

There needs to be a safe, clear passageway from your driveway to your makeshift work area. This means room in your driveway or in front of your home for the truck to park and unload fully. All stairways and/or openings have railings.

 There needs to be a designated area to place the cabinets, either near the kitchen or in an adjacent room to where the cabinets will be installed. This area should provide ample space for all items to be stored while also allowing installers the ability to access, sort, and move cabinets comfortably during the entirety of the installation.

Additionally, there should be no appliances in the kitchen, and no washer or dryer in the laundry room. These large appliances will take up important space that our installers need to maneuver and position your cabinets for efficient installation.


Saws and other tools will be required during installation. These saws and tools will need to be placed and used indoors in the area or an adjacent room for all necessary cuts. If there are any issues with providing the required indoor space, installers may move to a garage, or outside (weather permitting), if necessary, and pre-arranged with the Install Manager. These spaces must have ample heat and light.

There are a lot of moving parts and potentially dangerous tools that will be on-site. Installers will be moving large cabinets around, and entering and exiting the area often to make cuts or other alterations. 

An active construction zone can be a dangerous place, especially for pets or young children. Keeping everyone but the installers away from a potentially hazardous workspace is best for their safety and the safety of our installers. We ask that you secure or remove all occupants as necessary with the area required to install.



(Installers will arrive on-site between 8:00 and 10:00am)

We begin by installing base, upper, and island cabinets. Some of these cabinets will need to be fitted for plumbing and electrical requirements. Our installers will cut and drill appropriate openings in the cabinet boxes as required and identified in the final walk-through.

After all base, upper and island cabinets are secured, aesthetic items will be installed. These include panels, necessary fillers, decorative trim and mouldings, and hardware.


Garbage removal will typically take place on the final day of installation or the day after.

Some items may be damaged or missing from the initial installation. These items will be addressed during the post-installation process, which will involve your final-walkthrough inspection, and any service work that is required.


Stone countertops such as Granite, Quartz and Marble, will all have to be properly measured and templated after base cabinet installation. A countertop specialist will arrive 1-2 days after cabinet installation to measure and template the base cabinets for your pre-approved countertop selection.

Once measurements have been confirmed, your new countertop will arrive for installation in roughly 1-3 weeks after template.


– Standard sides and back 5/8″ white melamine
– Finished ends, 3/4″ material
– Door thickness, 3/4″ material
– Drawers, standard 5/8″ white melamine
– Gables, plant-on panels, applied doors, 3/4″ material
– Standard base depth of 24″ + the door
– Standard wall depth 12″ + door
– Standard vanity depth 21″ + door
– 4″ finished toe kick height
– 34 1/2″ base cabinet height
– 32″ vanity cabinet height


At Rodina Cabinets, we want the best for our clients, without the slamming of door fronts! Our standard hardware is soft-closing hinges and soft-closing full-extension under-mount drawer guides that are rated for 50KG (100+ LBS) minimum! Each hardware comes with individual manufacturers warranty.